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Often out in the world, it's all too easy to think your location is getting you nothing and take up the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality.  It's very easy to just pick up and move on to another location, however doing so might cost you a good shot.   Showing a little patience at a site, can turn into the shot you were looking for or even a surprise shot that you weren't expecting.   Sunsets are a great example of this, never leave a sunset until it is dark out.  I have stuck out many a sunset thinking that nothing was going to happen, but then just on the edge of darkness, the sky lights up with a brilliant pink that fades into purple and finally blue, creating a brilliant picture.  If you had left thinking you weren't getting good colors, that shot would be lost.


Another time for patience is with animals.   You may have already taken a majestic shot of your subject looking right at you, with a river running through the background, but animals are unpredictable and the unexpected could always happen.     Last fall, in Yellowstone National Park, I found a great grey owl up in a tree.   He was perfectly positioned on a branch sticking out from the rest of the branches, so I had a completely clear view of him.   After a couple minutes of waiting and snapping many photos, he looked directly at me and I took the first picture you see below.  I could have pulled up shop then and there, thinking I had the shot.   However you never know what happens, maybe you were out of focus on that shot, it's always good to stay longer with animals.  This particular time I was convinced that owl was going to take flight.   I felt he was hunting, and he was going to take to wing, and I was going to get a shot of him with his wings spread, taking flight.   Well, he didn't quite do what I expected, as he dived down instead of flying off.   However I was there, waiting and ready to get that shot, and I now have the bottom shot of that owl diving on unsuspecting prey.   



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