Theodore Roosevelt National Park

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last month I found myself in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.   I was very surprised by how beautiful the park was with it's Badlands type rock formations combined with green grasslands.   I only had a day walking around the south unit, getting to view petrified forest, Bison, prairie dogs, deer, but most importantly:  WILD HORSES!!


To me one of the coolest things about this country, is the fact that we still have horses running free, roaming the country side for the best running ground they can find.  While there I went to the petrified forest portion of the park, there was one horse that was grazing all on his own.   He really seemed to be posing for me most of the time.   Not wanting to disappoint my model, I took a lot of pictures of the horse posing.  



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