The little things

June 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I travel for a lot of my photographs, and I find myself on the go constantly during those travels.   Stopping to enjoy things is good for the soul and gets you interesting stories.  Take this one from my last trip that I would have missed if not for my wife:


We were camping at Devil's Tower and decided to stay an extra night, so we went to the town of Huelett, Wyoming to grab more food for the extra night.  It was around one o'clock and neither of us had lunch yet and that seemed like a good thing to do there as well.   Huelett being a town of roughly 400 people, restaurant options are not that plentiful.   As we get out of the truck, my wife informs me that we need to hit a bar and grill, because she wants a cocktail too.   I really had no desire for one, but peer pressure and all, I go along with her.  


So into the Rodeo Bar and Lounge we go, and I quickly determine there is no food to be had in this place.  My wife however, feels the pressure of walking in and must sit down and have a drink.   So we saddle up to the bar, and grab two seats.  It being after one and on a weekday, the bar was not too crowded.  Off to my left, were a couple locals that looked to be in their late 60's, early 70's, and wore the overalls of farmers.  Off to my right, there were a couple guys that were working some construction job and have been local for a couple months.  They are probably in their 40's.   The bartender was a woman of undetermined age.   Left side was non-stop chatter, most of which were jokes about their wives.   They were hilarious.    Bartender asks us our drink order and my wife grabs a rum and coke, and I go vodka tonic.   The bartender then takes to making drinks, while left side continues their onslaught of jokes on an ever widening range of topics, laughing at their own jokes as loud as anyone.   Right side laughs often, occasionally throwing out a comment or two.  I joined in with the occasional comment, but clearly I was out classed in their war of banter.   Bartender, who has not smiled, laughed, or even really acknowledge the going ons, drops off our drinks and informs us of the price.   I hand her my credit card, and she stars blankly at me with a thousand yard stare that looked right through me and she very slowly shook her head with zero words.    OK.....I have cash, we can make this work.   


Tab resolved, banter continuing, laughing often, bartender comes up and puts two disposable shot cups in front of us.  One in front of each of us.  I was unsure what this was, but was worried.   A little bit later I was on the final drops of my vodka tonic, and she brings out a second one, takes the plastic shot cup, and wordlessly walks away.   I didn't want a second drink, I didn't really want the first one!   We come to find out that the right side guys bought us a round!   More banter followed, more people showed up and joined in, and good times had by all.    We eventually finished our second round, and slowly staggered out of the bar to continue our quest for food.  


It was a great time, with some charming characters that I will probably remember for life.  So in the future, take time for things like this.   Photography is about living life, and enjoying the things you see.


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