Week 1

January 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


The Scout

I got out early, but the part I did not think about on this project is how quickly I have to work on the photos and post them after I have taken them!  Getting me out to take pictures is not a problem, edit and write a blog post is another story.   :}




So for the first photos of the year, I decided that since it is night time most of the day, that a night shot would be a good start.  So we headed out to The Scout for photos.  The Scout is a sculpture of a Sioux indian, and has been watching over Kansas City for 100 years.  Originally The Scout was just supposed to be passing through KC, but a campaign called "The Kids of Kansas City" raised $15,000 to keep The Scout here.  It was really cold out that night and the wind did me no favors both by making it colder and by making it hard to keep even the tripod still, but I did come away with a shot that I liked of downtown and The Scout.



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