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2015 was a year with a lot of distractions (good distractions, but still distractions) from my photography.   So to get back into the swing of things and to show some love towards my city of Kansas City, I will be doing KC52, a photography project which will be a year in the life of Kansas City, the buildings, the fountains, the parks, and the monuments.     The plan for project KC52 is to be out and about KC 40-45 weeks of 2015.   I mean physically out those weeks, not I have a good day in January and therefore post different pictures from January over the span of 5 weeks.   This is a plan to be out as often as possible, while accounting for vacation of course!    Kansas City will be defined as anything within ten miles of either the Kansas City, KS or Kansas City, MO city limits.   Sorry to those cool places that don't qualify, but I have to set boundaries somewhere and I could get those places as well, they just won't qualify for KC52.   Stay tuned here for my photos and blog posts about the project!




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